NewFlo Brody has Dropped New Hip Hop music in 2020

NewFlo Brody is growing up as a hip hop artist

NewFlo Brody is an American rapper and songwriter From Brooklyn, New York. His last EP, titled “It’s been a While“, was released this year. “Quarantining gave me free time to make an album” Brody said.

His love story with music began during his teenage years. The experience he has gained since then has given him the versatility to develop his own style by mixing sounds of the old school with the characteristic sounds of trap.

Brody’s lyrics are deep and will make you think about life, His goal is to convey good energy through his art. His style is reminiscent of the golden age of hip hop by mixing the style of new york with the southern flow. He wants to be an inspiration to young people and motivates them with his hard work to move on in life, “To take my fans to a place they could forget about things they stress over, and just enjoy the music”.

“I don’t have a secret. I just make music based on how I’m feeling at that time” NewFlo Brody.

Short interview with NewFlo Brody.

  • Please explain your name to us. Why Newflo Brody?

– NewFLo Came from my business partner living in Florida and me living in New York. NewFLo (New York – Florida) new beginnings / Be The Flo.

  • How many hours do you dedicate to your music?

– Every moment that I get free, I’m creating music.

  • You have been making music for more than 13 years, do you think it is easier to get ahead now thanks to social networks?

– It’s much easier nowadays. You don’t have to go state to state to pass out your music. It was more personable back then. You had to get close to all your potential fans. People appreciate that real ness.

  • How has it been working on “it’s been a while” during the quarantine?

– Crossing my fingers but I had a decent 2020 so far. Quarantining gave me free time to make an album.

IG : @NewFLo_Brody
Twitter: @NewFLoBrody
SoundCloud: @Newflobrody

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