Interview with musician PSL about french album.

PSL Musician

The Canadian musician, Pierre Saint Laurent, better known by his initials PSL or @PSLWAVE on social networks has announced that he will publish “Toujours La”, an album in French that will be prepared in 2023. It is the first time that PSL makes an album in French and its first song in this language is “Aller Fort”, a preview that is available on Spotify, Apple Music and Deezer among others.

ALLER FORT is PSL’s first song in French and is the preview of their upcoming album.

Born in Edmonton, PSL brings us an album that will mark a before and after in his entire musical career. PSL has a 6-year career as a professional musician in the industry and undeniable success. He has conquered his fans with his voice and the stories he tells in his songs. PSL ensures that his success began in 2020, in the midst of the pandemic, after posting “In My Head” it received a large number of followers on social networks and music platforms.

PSL grew up in a bilingual environment and half of his family is French, he had always published songs in French, until he started humming melodies in this language. This is how a totally new project “Toujours La” was born, 10 songs that we will be able to listen to at the beginning of 2023.

Interview with musician Pierre Saint Laurent better known as PSL

  1. You travel a lot for the fruits of your labor, where are you right now and what are you working on?

    I’m currently living in Edmonton working on a French album.
  2. What keeps your passion alive after 6 years as a serious musician?

    I always remember why I started and the fans’ reaction to the music gives me the motivation to keep going.
  3. We did an interview in 2020 in the middle of a pandemic, what is the most significant change since then?

    The pandemic helped me connect more with my fans online, as everyone was more online, the most significant change was how much my fan base grew.
  4. You have worked very hard to achieve your own style. Which of the musical genres you don’t master catches your eye to try?

    I’d like to try mixing heavy metal music with rap. I feel like the drums and guitar would be a great mix of sounds.
  5. Can you give us a preview of the French album for 2023? How many tracks will it have, release date, collaborations?

    The French album will have 10 songs with 1 to 2 characteristics. I plan to release it at the end of January.
  6. Tell us about your latest single “Aller Fort”, is it a preview of what we can find on the French album?

    Yes, Aller Fort is definitely an introduction to my French music. This song represents every aspect of my life. My other songs have the same vibe as all real life from my perspective.
  7. What can we find in your new album that stands out from the rest?

I have a song called “Chaque Jour” with one of Montreal’s best rappers. I will publish the name soon.

  1. We hear you along with 514maazy on “Foreigns.” What has it been like working with him?

    Maazy is a brilliant young artist. I enjoyed working with him because he is dedicated and we have similarities in our principles and goals. I will definitely work with him again.
  2. Now, which artist would you like to work with?

My dream goals right now are Rihanna, Future or Kanye.

  1. Good Flame (1,2,3 and 4) In My Head, One Time, Let me Show You and more singles. Would you highlight any albums or mixtape you’ve made?

    My favorite projects I’ve launched so far are; Good Flame 3, In My Head and One Time.

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