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Joseph Akuffo is known as Lil Booke, an emerging rap artist from Maryland; whose story has managed to catch, with only 21 years, the attention of an audience that is not accustomed to listening to rap verses that delve into inner peace and self-improvement.

  • In just one year, Lil Booke has stood out as one of his local’s most prominent independent artists.

It inspires its sound in artists such as Dababy, Pop Smoke and Polo G while maintaining its originality and its own message. «I went into byl, bought a studio, and my friend and I recorded a song. After the song he told me I should take music seriously,» says Lil Booke. He realized he had a message that he had to spread and the songs were the right channel.

Lil Booke inspires his rap with singers like Dababy, Pop Smoke and Polo G.

  • That’s how Joseph began working to build an upward career.

Among his first releases are titles such as Moving Through with Trizze in 2020: «I have only collaborated with Trizze, I would like to repeat it.» The following successes led to the creation of a musical album called «Huge Pressure» in which Trizze returned to participate in songs such as Dreaming and 9 Speed. Joseph Akuffo, now Lil Booke, is working on the development of his next album and the release of the music video for Pack a Punch, his latest song.

If I had to pick one favorite song among all the ones I have, it would be Dreaming.

Joseph Akuffo (Lil Booke).

According to Lil Booke, the best part of the process of being an artist is meeting other artists and meeting people throughout your journey, the hardest part is having to play the role indicated by the record label, with marketing strategies, etc. «What I learned from the world of music is that things are not going to happen in a day, things happen in overtime, they just have to be,» says Lil Booke.


It’s possible for anyone, you have to believe yourself and study the game to know what you’re doing without the help of a record label.

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