DJ MADD OD: Musician talks about “All Is On Music”


Oscar Atahualpa Mendieta, musician known professionally as DJ Madd OD, has released Gamer Music Vol 5. His work accumulates 22 instrumentals of different musical genres, from EMD sounds to Hip Hop, and Reggaeton. Currently, he works as a producer and record executive for the independent label “ALL IS ON MUSIC”, located Washington DC. DJ Madd OD is also an official member of Shadyville DJs and president of the Latin Division. DJ Madd od has recorded albums with artists such as Henry Santos, Sensato, Tony Touch, Crooked Stilo and the author of “Una vaina loca” known asFuego.

Oscar Atahualpa Mendieta, here in after DJ Madd OD, was born in a small town called Jinotepe in Nicaragua. He currently lives in the Washington DC metropolitan area in the United States. For over 22 years, Madd OD has been a musician DJ/Producer and host of many events.

DJ Madd OD Trailer.

Each artist has his own path. The formula that worked for an artist doesn’t mean it will work for you.

He has performed in front of up to 60,000 attendees at international stadiums and national stadiums, including “Alex Sensations Miami Bash” at American Airlines Arena (FL). And he has shared the stage with prominent artists such as Daddy Yankee, Pitbull, DJ Alex Sensation, Ivy Queen, Nicky Jam, Sensato, Plan B and many more. He has performed live, in more than 18 countries and 25 major cities; including Paris (France), Milan (Italy), Madrid (Spain), Barcelona (Spain), New York (USA), Miami (USA), Zurich (Switzerland), Lugano (Switzerland), Hamburg (Germany), Lyon (France), etc. DJ MADD ODalso organized and performed at The Kennedy Center and also at The National Cathedral.

This musician, has released multiple EPS, Mixtapes, DJ Madd Od has exceeded 8 million plays on Spotify and Apple Music with its entire catalog and retains a total of 3 thousand monthly listeners. He has stated on this site, that he specializes in a genre called moombahton, but he can also mix EDM, Top 40, Hip Hop/R&B, international music and Tropical Latin Hits. He has stated that he is a big fan of classical music. “I love violins and cellos and would love to explore classical music composition more,” said Oscar Atahualpa Mendieta, a musician known as DJ Madd OD.

DJ Madd OD’s as a musician, has been played on television platforms such as MTV, HTV, CBS Radio. Recently, he debuted onSway Calloway’sSirius XM Radio with the aim of breaking boundaries in a mix of several genres. When Madd OD is not touring or doing shows, he is politically active in Washington DC, raising awareness about human rights and immigration reform.

DJ MADD OD was the DJ of Fuego when he published “Una Vaina Loca”.

DJ Madd OD and Fuego perform Una Vaina Loca in Mallorca.


Oscar Atahualpa Mendieta, DJ Madd OD.

Interview with musician Dj MADD OD.

1. Full name (as it appears on the identity document), date and place of birth, city where you live?

My name is Oscar Atahualpa Mendieta, I was born in a small town called Jinotepe in Nicaragua. Currently, I live in the Washington DC metropolitan area in the United States.

2. You have traveled a lot and performed on many stages, how do you feel when you perform in front of your audience?

I still get nervous when I perform because there are always different people at every event. My favorite memory should be performing in Santa Cruz Bolivia. He was performing with artist @Fuego, opening for Pitbull on his international tour. It was memorable because it was the biggest crowd I’ve ever performed in front of. More than 60,000 people attended. One of the most energetic experiences I’ve ever had.

3. What motivated you to bet on dedicating yourself professionally to music?

When I was young, my uncle Edwin was in a band and played various instruments, specifically the güira that taught me how to play. When I was in high school I was introduced to a gentleman named Edson Bravo. He ran an office for teens in Arlington, Virginia. I was there when he ordered some DJ equipment. Not knowing anything about DJing, Mr. Bravo told me to build it and put it together. From there my curiosity went crazy and I learned to DJ on my own. Mr. bravo then allowed me to start doing small events at the teen recreation center. That was the beginning of my DJ career at the age of 13.

4. Which of the musical genres that you do not master catches your attention to try?

I listen to and collect all kinds of music. Believe it or not, I’m a huge fan of classical music. I love violins and cellos and would love to explore classical music composition more.

5. Which musical artists have influenced your musical progress in one way or another?

My biggest influence I would have to say is jay-z, Kanye West and Luis Miguel. My producer influences come from Timbaland, DJ Blass and Dr. Dre.

6. DJMADDOD as a musician, Which project do you like best? Gamer music or DC Freestyle. What would you say is the best volume between Gamer Music and DC Freestyle?

I like Gamer Music projects because I can release my music without the need to have an artist. I can explore all kinds of genres and set my own rules with what can happen to my productions.

7. What are the most prominent artists you have collaborated with?

I have been able to collaborate with many artists on my label. As for the mainstream, I have had the opportunity to open up for many artists such as Daddy Yankee, Nicky Jam, Plan B, Juan Magan, Pitbull, Neyo and many more.

8. Now, which artist would you like to work with?

I would love to work with Kanye West and Tego Calderón

9. We know that you are conscious of human rights, based on the evidence of international politics, do you think we will finally achieve a just society?

No, there are many injustices around the world that still need to be addressed, from dictatorships to child labor camps to the oppression of many countries around the world. Everyone in the world should be able to have the same opportunities

10. Can you preview your upcoming projects?

Lately I’ve been exploring afro rhythms and Amapian music. Most of this music is in English, so I wanted to start making the same kind of music but in Spanish. I’ve already completed one and I’m working on a few different tracks to distribute to the world.

11. What is it like to work at ALL IS ON MUSIC?

I love my record label. I founded the label with my partner Richard Peralta so we can help give other artists the opportunity to release their music to the world. Our label has been in business since 2009 We currently have 14 artists that we manage under our record label.

12. How did the opportunity to collaborate on Sirius XM Radio come about?

I was discovered by a radio personality named Karla Rodriguez “K-rod” and I was invited to come and do mixing sessions for the Latin station at the time called “Fuego XM” The corporate office is here in Washington DC, so it was a no-brainer.

13. What is the lesson you have learned from the world of music and entertainment?

Each artist has his own path. The formula that worked for an artist doesn’t mean it will work for you. It is a very small world, but there are many paths to reach your final goal.

14. What message would you send to all the people who want to follow in your footsteps?

You are not given anything, in this business you have to work. Don’t be discouraged by the “No’s” you receive. Keep believing in yourself through the ups and downs. The struggle you go through is part of fulfillment when you achieve big goals. Everything happens for a reason, usually when bad things happen, it’s a good time to learn the lesson so it doesn’t happen again.