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Dishant Patel is a promising London-based video creator better known by the name Wewantdish, he’s making a fresh start in the music industry. At just 16 years old, he has put together a combination of music videos, as well as his Call of Duty clips, creating stunning montages for artists like Rarin, Abracadabra, and many more.

Wewantdish: “I like to improve people’s day in every way, I think I can do it by posting clips and showing my skills.”

The first person to drop music videos as montages, these videos or trailers show scenes from video games while music by an artist plays. Thanks to the growth of his audience, he decided to show his skills on his new Instagram account, and on his TikTok, where he caught the attention of prominent artists such as @Kidkurtis and @ Djmarvgo2hard among others.

“I am not the best, there are people who are better than me. However, the goal is to try to be one of the best!”, Wewantdish is sure that we will see him playing more video games in future YouTube videos because games are such an important part of his life. “It’s a way to get away from the stressful life I live!”, Wewantdish combines his artistic and creative life with his educational background. Now he spends less time creatively playing video games, he says that before he spent about 4 hours a day playing games.

He considers Call of Duty Warzone to be the best video game he has ever played and prefers the Sony Play Station console. Games from the big consoles are making their way to mobile devices, Wewantdish thinks this is a good thing: “It’s a good thing, all my CODM fans get the experience of playing these amazing games from their phone!”

His dream is to one day join Fazeclan, the world’s most popular esports and entertainment organization. He also plans to make the leap to Twitch to continue inspiring more people.

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