Yung Vaniii is a young talent from Tacoma

Yung Vanii

Yung Vaniii is an American rapper who with just 15 years and 10 months of musical career has achieved more than 50,000 views on all his platforms (Youtube, Spotify, Itunes, Soundcloud). Yung Vanii was born on October 1st, 2004 in Tacoma, Washington. His full name is Javani Hyacinthe, from a young age he was attracted to music and has dedicated himself to it as soon as he had the opportunity

“I started making music because I wanted to be able to help my family out“, Vaniii says. This artist has published more than 40 songs on his Soundcloud channel. His first album, released 6 months ago and titled as his date of birth gave him the certainty and the necessary supports to trust his talent.

“I was inspired by JuiceTheGod and now DDG inspires me”. His musical style is reminiscent of Juice Wrld and other more experienced modern artists. It is surprising to hear the lyrics of this young artist due to the maturity they reflect.

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