Yung Blow and BBA Slim are preparing a new EP for 2021

Yung Blow and BBA Slim

Yung Blow has announced that he is working on a new EP with the collaboration of his colleague BBA Slim. After publishing the song “Cold”, the artist from Nashville, Tennessee, has returned with more desire to make music than ever. The short break, which Yung Blow was forced by his stay in jail, has given him more reasons to free himself on the microphone.

At age 21, he is founder of Cashrock Ent: a musical company focused on the trap within the hip hop genre. His music is raw, even aggressive at some moments. But it is made of the stories of their lives, with the goal of helping others.

Listen Cold, the last song by Yung Blow and BBA Slim.

Interview Yung Blow from Cashrock Ent.

How long you’ve been in music?

I really just started doing music about a year ago. I played with it a few time here and there, but I just now started taking it serious.

How was your first experience as a rap artist?

My first experience as a rap artist was bullshit. Everybody I’ve done business with were just after money. They would tell me they can do this they can do that, but it would never get done.

Your songs speak of your experience in life, and some are hard, have you had a problem with your lyrics?

Na, I never have problems with my lyrics because there all real life experiences no cap not in one line. I’ve been through a lot in life, been to prison 3 times, etc. I’ve made more money than I ever had every year, I’ve been free tho. So, I got a lot to say, and I’m a product of the streets I represent for everybody in every trap hood.

If you had to choose the best of your songs, what would it be?

I want to say that not one of my song are like the other, but I do have ones that touch me more so if I would have to say which one… I feel most it would be many nights or heart.

Yung Blow, In February, you released your last song “Cold” with the collaboration of BBA Slim, are you working on something new?

We’re always working, we got over 200 songs. And last year we dropped 10 to 12 videos can’t remember how many. But me and BBA slim are both CEO of Cashrock ENT. So we do lots of songs together so many that people think we are a group. We’re not, but we do have an EP dropping next week called “Splash”. Bro’s, so you all be on the look-out for that, and we are about to drop 10 to 20 videos before 2022 no cap.

When can we listen to your new material?

You all will be able to hear the whole “Splash bro” tape in the next few days. And we just dropped Cold, so you all can so stream that. We got so much content on every platform that you all can listen to but most definitely. You all will have the “Splash Brothers” tape in the next few days.

BBA Slim participates in many songs and there are good vibrations between you, what is it that keeps you together?

Slim and I, meet at a bad time for us. Both we were in prison, and we got ship from one prison to another, and he ended up being my cellmate. So we bonded through a tough time and I got out first. Then one day he hit me up on Instagram in my direct messages, and we have been put in work together ever since.

How did the idea of creating Cashrock come about?

Well, one day I was talking to an old friend of mines, and he was like “You should rap, You got the drip”. Because I spend 5 to 10k a month on cloths, so he was like “you fly, and you’re really living the lifestyle that everybody glorifying”. So I was like fuck it. I went to the studio but not thinking about a label. The year went by, and I had spent 170k. Then I realized I might as well do it right, by that time Slim was getting out of prison. So we got together and came up with the name, got the real business part done LLC’s, etc. and just went to working.

What requirements must be met to be a Cashrock?

Ain’t really about requirements it just you have to be serious and work hard. I’ll pay for everything down to cloths up to studio beats, videos etc. But I can’t make you blow up, you have to put out good work and network on your own. If you want to be CashRock you got to be loyalty and honest, and we can work with you. We don’t really go looking for artists, if it happens then that’s cool. Any artist that comes we will Handel the finance, so that means you will have to have some else to bring to the table.

Do you have a trusted beatmaker?

Na, I don’t have an in-house producer, but I got a few that I often use; like Basekash lil bro just went gold with Durk. I use Young Boy Brown a lot, he has songs with Lil Keed, Young Thug, Kashdoll and many more. I use David Wession he is from Detroit I heard him listening to Babyface Ray and Peezy and I use Greedy Money he has songs wit Yo Gotti, Black Youngsta, Kodak black and many more. These are the ones I use a lot.

What is the worst and the best thing that has happened to you in life?

The worst thing that happens to me is prison, and the best thing was prison. Only the real will understand what I just said.

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