Winbush: I worked with DMX 3 days before he passed away

WinBush DMX

Singer-songwriter Marcus Winbush, a native of Colon, Ohio, says he worked with DMX on the single “Come With It,” 3 days before he passed away. As an independent artist, Winbush has stated that she wants to continue establishing her name in the music industry, building and maintaining good relationships, “the rest is history”. Winbush is known for songs like “What You Mad Foe”, and his latest single “Bout Nothing” released a month ago with the collaboration of Lil Scrappy available on major music streaming platforms.

Winbush was born on February 5, in 1985, at the early age of 9 he began experimenting with music with his brothers Aaron and Mc. They started with the album Bone Thugs N Harmony East by East 1999 as a reference and “began recording on a Boom Box using cassette tapes”, Winbush tells us. Since then he has inspired artists such as T.I, 50 Cent, 2 Pac and Big L, to name a few.

Hard work, dedication through trial and error have paid off for Winbush; who has admitted that he has traveled many kilometers in the United States to meet different producers and make shows. Winbush has achieved great challenges, such as working with DMX and The Game.Now, He thinks of going one step further with names like Rick Ross or Kevin Gates.

Free Press Info: Interview with Winbush .

  1. How did you hear about our website?

    Dj Marv Go Hard
  2. How did your passion for music begin? What motivated you to bet on dedicating yourself professionally to music?

    When I was 9 years old, my brothers introduced me to Bone Thugs N Harmony, after that I started recording on cassette tapes. I’ve always had an ear for music.
  3. Which of the musical genres you don’t master catches your eye to try?

    I’m always open to all music, I never try to limit myself, even though I rap, I’ve mixed and mastered all kinds of different music. I would like to collaborate with a reggaeton artist.
  4. What project do you like most than the ones you’ve done so far?

    My favorite project so far is “Bout Nothing” with Lil Scrappy.
  5. Mention the most outstanding fts you’ve done. Who is the backing vocalist in Bout Nothing? What’s it like working with him?

    I worked with DMX 3 days before R.I.P. passed away. My favorite artist I’ve worked with so far is Lil Scrappy. It reminds me of one of my humble, outgoing cousins. Our energy matched in the record and we were synchronized in the video.
  6. Now, which artist would you like to work with?

    The next artist I’m going to work with on my list is R&B singer Lloyd. After that it’s between Rick Ross and Kevin Gates or eventually I’ll do some song with both.
  7. Would you highlight any albums or mixtapes you’ve made?

    “No apologies” presented by The Game is my favorite album. He only talks about things he was going through at the time of going up.
  8. Can you give us a preview of your upcoming projects?

    Yes, I can preview. I’m working on the new project “Early Flight Long Nights 2”, presented by Project Pat with more appearances from Lil Scrappy.
  9. Are you part of a record label?

    I didn’t sign with any label because I would like to continue making my way independently.
  10. What are the goals you plan to achieve from the new opportunities offered by your music?

I will continue to establish my name, build and maintain good relationships, the rest comes by itself.

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