Vicious Vic has just released his new song which he has titled “Two Three”; available on music platforms like Spotify, Apple Music. Vicious Vic, also known as Victor Wood Jr, is a 29-year-old musician based in Seattle, Washington. His experience as a rap artist dates back to 13 years, the support of both friends and strangers gave him the motivation he needed to dedicate himself fully to music.

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His latest single “Two Three” is dedicated to his fans, so that everyone who listens to the song can enter his world and have the opportunity to get to know Vicious Vic better. Vic tells that he was listening to the instrumental while he rolled grass and the phrases were appearing in his head. Until the phrase “rolling two three at a time” appeared in his mind to give the song a name. This song and many others are produced by Milky Fella.

“Milky is one of my best producers, hands down. He is the friend for sure, he always has some warmth for me. And I can say that I connected with Cash Fargo from Jet Life and we are already working on a new project ”, confessed Vicious Vic.

Vicious Vic: “I would definitely do more tracks with the homie Street Wiz. He blessed me with the song ‘Jet Season'”.

The style that Vicious Vic practices most often is hip hop / rap, but he has confessed that at times he also loves to vibrate about R&B. “I like to think that the type of music I make is ‘lifestyle rap’ and it’s a conclusion that everyone can relate to and have fun with as well,” says Vicious Vic.

When we asked for the names of some of the artists who have influenced him the most, Vic highlights names such as 2 Pac, Notorious BIG, N.W.A., Curren$y, Outkast, Snoop Dog, Lil Wayne, Gucci Mane among others. Vicious Vic defines himself as a ’90s baby, “so he just tried to bring that vibe through music.”

Although he holds a special place in his heart for all of his songs, Vic confesses that the song he likes the most is the one that he has not yet created, but the one that always attracts him right now is “Beanie Season”. He has collaborated with many artists throughout his career, highlighting the participation of Street Wiz in “Jet Season”.

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