SB Cash: rap artist from Columbus, Ohio


SB Cash is a rap artist born and raised in Columbus, Ohio (“Eastside shit”). His real name is Dante, he is 31 years old, and his music is spread all over the world thanks to his carefree style and his texts that speak of everyday life. He has placed himself in the focus of great representatives of the genre.

“Highlife” is the last song published by Sbcash.

The SB Cash discography begins in 2018 with the release of “Go”; Since then, he has worked with artists such as Cassidy, Alfred Banks, Go Hard Dj Marv and Ahyentee. In April, he released Highlife, his second song in 2021 produced by BeatsbyD. The first song of the year was announced in February with the title “To The Top” by Inomekindakitchen Production.

Interviewing questions to rap artist: SB Cash.

I really lean into those people because it’s not easy out here.

SB Cash.

Who are the artists that have most influenced your style?

  • I would say some of the artist who have influenced my style the most are Lil Wayne, Ace Hood, Waka Flocka, Rich The Kid, Scotty ATL.

How long have you been in music, and how has your life changed?

  • I’ve been doing music since Late 2009 Early 2010. But ive been doing solo music since 2017. Music has been a important factor in my life and I don’t know where we’d be without it!

How did you meet Marv, and what is the experience of working with him like?

  • So I used to see Marv at certain events when I’d perform Mabey I want to say back in 2018. I had to ask him did he shoot videos, and he said he didn’t at that time. Flash forward I start seeing his videos pop up and booked 1 day, and we shot the song “Other” with Tori Lynn. Ever since then he’s been managing me, and it’s been dope as fuck working with him. Humble dude that wants to see his people win, that’s what it’s all about!

Are you working on a new album?

  • So I’m not exclusively working on an Album right now, but I definitely could put out a few with my content. I always wanted to build my buzz before an album or mixtape, so that’s what’s held me off, but I definitely want to do that before the end of the year. Its way past due and I have some good music I want everybody to hear. So yea coming really soon.

Of all the ones you have, which is the song that you like the most?

  • Well my all-time favorite song is probably “Adlibs” just because I feel like that song signifies my whole movement. I have a Song called “Momment” that is not released yet, but I like it… a lot. So those 2 stick out to me right now.

For those who have not heard your music, what would you say is the message of your songs?

  • For those who haven’t heard me I would say… my movement is just hustle grind, and get money. That’s what I push the most. I also feel like I represent for anybody that’s been counted out. I really lean into those people because it’s not easy out here when her body doubt you, but my music is basically a fuck you to the haters and always do you type vibes.

Would you like to collaborate with an artist in the future?

  • Yes I want to collab with a lot of artists. I’m fans of a lot. But if I had to pick… it would be Lil Wayne. That’s my goat.

On your Instagram you say that you are a sports enthusiast, do you practice any sports?

  • Yes I’m a huge sports fan and I did play in high school (Football, Basketball, Track) but as of right now… hell nah man I suck lol love to watch and talk sports tho.