Quis Esko: “It takes money to make money, always remember that.”

Mariquis Breshawn Jager (born June 14, 1993 in South Carolina), musician known as Quis Esko, presents his latest song “Catch a Vibe” with Grandbandz and announces the release of a new single “Blood, Sweat, and Tears” on June 14. “My new single is a motivational song that tells the world how I really paved the way for this,” Quis Esko.

Catch the Vibe of Quis Esko

Mariquis Breshawn Jager was born in Florence, South Carolina, and raised in Lake City. At age 14 he began to realize the ups and downs of living in a small town surrounded by crimes everywhere. That’s how he started making music to keep his mind active and away from the streets. “I started making music at 14 when my older cousin Jase Elyon inspired me,” Quis Esko said in an interview conducted by Gilberto Ewale Masa for Free Press Info.

Quis Esko: “It takes money to make money, always remember that.”

He managed to overcome the negativity surrounding his surroundings to forge a path to success. Quis Esko grew locked up, got into a lot of fights, hung out with gang members. Their main goal was and still is to get money. Today, his music attracts more than 2.7K monthly listeners on Spotify and is supported by more than 61.3k followers on Instagram alone.

His style of music is relaxed, but striking for the force with which the artist transmits it. He admits that he is heavily influenced by the music of artists like Gucci Mane, T.I, Yo Gotti, NBA Youngboy, etc. And he says his rap is a mix between Eazy E, Dr. Dre and Gucci Mane. “I’m preparing a lot of music for the ladies,” Quis Esko announced.

Of the works he has done, Quis highlights his album “21st century” as one of his best works so far. He boasts of his music because it is like a painter’s painting that captures what he sees in his day to day. “I see greatness plain and simple. My music is based on real life facts, there is no limit to my rap.”

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