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PSL Dropped New Album Called “In My Head”

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PSL has released a new Album called In My Head“. A 14-song, 35-minute LP in which you will immerse yourself in the deepest thoughts of this Canadian artist. From Edmonton, PSL brings us soothing sounds of modern trap on the new Album’s instrumentals.

This artist strives to make his music heard by the world. Thanks to his voice, and the elaborate lyrics that he sings, he attracted the hip hop mainstream attention. He currently accumulates around 48,000 monthly listeners on his Spotify channel. On YouTube, it has more than 8000 subscribers with hundreds of views in each video.

“In My Head”: The new PSL Album on YouTube.

Questions and Answers to PSL About the New Album.

1. What does PSL mean?

PSL are the initials to my name. Pierre Saint Laurent. I wanted to keep it real and simple for my fans who know me on that level.

2. How long have you been in music and how did you decide to take it more seriously?

I have been in music for over 10 years but since social media and streaming made it easier to reach an audience, I decided to take it more seriously 4 years ago.

3. How would you define your style?

I found my style by trying different things in the studio and not being scared of being myself when I’m writing lyrics or producing a song. 

4. Throughout 2020 you have released two singles and an Album, How has the pandemic affected you as a musician?

The pandemic effect me a little, like other musicians, making it harder to get face to face time with my fans. Regardless I am happy with the reception of my Album since everyone is going through tough times right now.

5. How long did it take to create “In My Head”?

After releasing the EP version of this project, It took 6 months of writing and recording to  have a full Album ready for my audience.

6. What can we find in your last Album?

On this Album you can find full transparency of my life in the city with different emotions and moments I’m going through with my friends. This Album brings uplifting vibes while understanding my ups and downs in life. 

7. A year ago you published an album, what is the difference between before and after?

The album I released a year ago is really me finding my sound while I’m throwing all my emotions on the track.  Difference between both is my growth as an artist. My songs are more focused. I want to show people it is fine to just be you and being real with people through the music.

8. What message would you leave for who want to dedicate life to music?

My message would be to never give up in tough times trying to build your music career, because the ones who get the best results are the ones who didn’t quit.

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