Promethaleann presents two singles and new album “Protape 2”


Promethaleann presents two new singles and is about to release a new album. The singles “High” and “Let Me Work It” can now be heard on Spotify, as well as updated information on their new album “Protape 2”.

This American rapper, producer and songwriter says that he has put his soul into his latest album. A lot of work and dedication to create a 19-song masterpiece with different vibes and musical genres. “Protape 2” covers almost every major genre that is lifting the music community right now. “For me, doing that shows how much dedication I have put into this album,” Promethaleann says, convinced that this album can change someone’s life in a good way to get rid of the bad.

Promethaleann entered the world of music at a very young age and says that it is something he always wanted to do. But as he got older, he focused on rapping and singing, even though he didn’t take it too seriously until later. “And my cousin Comethazine also tried to lead me down the music path, but I was too busy at that time,” he confesses.


What motivated you to bet on dedicating yourself to music?

Me being able to sing and rap and also cure peoples depression with my music .Also knowing it touches peoples hearts and connects with a persons soul.

What musical style do you feel most comfortable with? 


What musical genres or artists have you influenced?

My top 5 artist that influences me are “XXXTENTACION , JUICEWRLD, TRIPPI REDD , KINGVON , LILDURK.

Of the albums you’ve made, which one is your favorite? And your favourite song?

Well Actually , The album that I’m about to drop is my favorite but if your going off of previous I can say my “ ON IT “ album .

Of the artists you have collaborated with, which one would you repeat?

At this moment I’m just trying to see who’s humble and who really supports that will determine if I do feats or not .


What is the best and the hardest part you’ve been through during the artistic process of creating yourself as a musician?

Having to promote yourself hours upon hours knowing you might not get the results you like or want . And somewhat not getting the exposure I deserved.

What is the lesson you have learned from the world of music and entertainment?

There are many different styles of it and ways to go about it. And in the entertainment industry there is a lot of manipulation, so you have to stand 10 toes down.

12. What message would you send to all the people who want to follow your steps as an entrepreneur

Just be yourself no matter how many enemies you have because they will help you win. And don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do something because you can, and I believe you can. Never, and I mean, never give up. And keep fighting for greatness.