Promethaleann: “I Got The Drip will be up next”

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Promethaleann is best known for his single “I Got The Drip”. Brandon Stennis, also known professionally as Promethaleann, is an American rapper, producer and songwriter.

I Got the Drip – Promethaleann

A CEO of his own record label, called PromethaCodeinEnt, that He started back in 2017. Promethaleann Is a very talented artist and has really came a long way from where he started. Coming from one of the most dangerous cities in the nation! E St. Louis, Ranked #1 On Murder Rates In The Nation For 7 Years Straight. “This is Not A Good Thing But You Can Definitely Can See What My Roots Come From”, Promethaleann said.

Promethaleann: “Got The Drip”.

Current Reviews State that he has similar styles of many up to date artist. Artist from the name of Tay-K, Comethazine, Lil Uzi Vert, Chris Brown, Drake, And Xxxtentacion. “We really think that He has a diverse style”, Noticias – Free Press Info.

Making his first Album “Promethatape”, It was well seen that he would be up next. He Has Dropped Series of New Hit Singles After That. Recent studies show that he is supposed to be doing a collab with his cousin Comethazine.

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