Ortinel G makes Christian rap to send the message of Jesus to the new generations

Ortinel G

Ortinel Gakona, better known as Ortinel G is a Congolese-Australian rapper who focuses his songs on theological theme (Christian rap). He is preparing an E.P entitled “Let Me Tell It”.

Ortinel G’s songs issue some warnings both to participants in rap culture, and to members of the public, whom he asks to “be careful with the foundations on which they establish their own identities.”

Ortinel G presents his first single, “Microwave”.

His style is unique, southern trap and conscious hip hop, flowing effortlessly thanks to the beautiful message of hope and love he declares. Ortinel G inspires his songs in others such as pop, R&b, indie music, afrobeat and ndombolo. More than just praising God, his music gives him a voice to speak out against injustices in the church and in the world at large. “My song Truth, which is a song based on exposing the false teaching of the prosperity gospel,” explains Ortinel G.

In his latest song Ortinel G warns this: “Can’t build your house on the sand”. This phrase was extracted from the parable of the two foundations, in which a man decided to build his house on unstable ground without thinking about the storms of life. It is a message that worries about the obviousness of its meaning. I started creating religious music, specifically Christian rap music a few years ago. “I had an encounter with the gospel of Jesus Christ that totally changed my perspective of everything and, despite being born and raised in the church, I had a renewed passion to present the hope I had in Christ to my culture and society,” Ortinel G tells us.


The culture I grew up in was immersed in Hip Hop and therefore I started making Hip Hop music with a Christ-centered approach.

Ortinel G.

The music of Ortinel G has the clear purpose of changing society and preaching the promise of Christ to a world that needs him more and more every day. Christian rap artists such as DMX, Kanye West, Andy Mineo, Flame, Kb, LeCrae, Almighty, PHILÍPPE NATHAN THE PROPHET, and many more decided to turn their musical career around to follow Jesus’ example and preach his word in their songs.

Ortinel G is involved in every step of the process of creating his musical works, making sure that every melody and rhythm he hears is just as he imagines it. What differentiates this artist from the rest is that he does not simplify his lyrics to the praise of God, he also gives voice to the injustices that are hidden in the bosom of the church and in the rest of the world.

“The message I would like to send to the new generations is that they do not find their value in what the media or society assigns to them. You must know that your value is infinite and that you are loved by a Being who carefully created you and loves you beyond your wildest dreams”, Ortinel G.

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