Muhammad Ryan Pamuji Setyawan Is Back To Instagram and Facebook After Being Impersonated

Muhammad Ryan Pamuji Setyawan @mypstyn 2

Indonesian music producer Muhammad Ryan Pamuji Setyawan, known as Ryan Oris, has returned to the music world after a four-year hiatus. Ryan disappeared from social media platforms in 2018, after being impersonated on his profiles spoke of the need to focus on his business and mental well-being. However, the artist has made a surprise comeback with a new Instagram profile @mypstyn, which has made his fans very excited.

Ryan’s return was welcomed with open arms, and his first Instagram Story introduced his latest project, an AI/Blockchain-based startup based in Jakarta, Indonesia. The producer has not revealed many details about the startup, but it is evident that it has been keeping him busy over the past few years.

“Ryan Oris, the Indonesian music producer, returns with an AI/Blockchain-based startup”

Ryan’s Instagram posts hint at his love for music, golf, and horseback riding. In his first post, he was seen jamming with his band, a sign that he could be working on new music. Ryan started his career as a songwriter, music producer, and later became a DJ, performing at clubs and festivals in Indonesia.

Although Ryan is not a household name, he is known as an avid ghost producer in the underground EDM scene. He has worked behind the scenes on numerous tracks that have garnered millions of streams on various platforms.

Ryan’s return to the music scene has excited his fans, and his Australian record label, Foras Records, shared an Instagram Story with the hashtag #RYAN2023, indicating that something significant is coming soon. Fans are eagerly waiting for Ryan to release new music or announce upcoming shows.

In conclusion, Ryan Oris has made a comeback after a four-year hiatus and has launched a new Instagram account to keep his fans updated. He is working on an AI/Blockchain-based startup and has hinted at his love for music, golf, and horseback riding. Fans are eagerly awaiting news about his return to the music scene and are hoping for new music soon.

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