Milligram: good music alone will not make them listen to you

milligram music
milligram music

Milligram is one of the fastest growing hip hop music artists in the American Midwest. His latest song “Hit Different”, released at the end of August, has more than 104,571 views on YouTube and more than 132,000 views on Spotify.

He started making music at 20, although he used to freestyle at parties and events for people until he was convinced to start recording. Milligram’s work can be defined as lyrical, honest, and his account penetrates thanks to his catchy lyrical hooks between the different verses on a relaxed rhythm. He’s more comfortable rapping, but he’s moved in a more rock-oriented direction; which has helped him to give an energetic and fun touch to his songs.

Milligram: Rap music and classic rock.

In 2016 alone, he released two albums, “The Death & Life of Milligram” and “Moon Rise,” both culminations of years of meticulous writing. After the release of each of his albums, Milligram has hit the road to perform the two live shows “The Death & Life & Tour of Milligram”, as well as his most recent, “High Class White Trash Tour”.

Having traveled with Jellyroll, Haystack, Scarface, and Bezz Believe, among others, Milligram has been positioned to really explode in 2019 with new projects, images, merchandise, and tours. Among his most influential artists are Lil Peep, lil Dicky, Nothing Nowhere, Blackbear and the best rappers of all time like Eminem, Jay-Z, Nas, Big Pun, etc.

Milligram has collaborated with street artists such as Bubba Sparxxx, D1, News, trvpgotbands, krash Minati, etc. but he says that his best collaborations have been with Doobie, an artist who was also influenced by rock groups like Alice In Chains, Nirvana and Metallica. “Doobie is from my city, and he really has exploded. We have 2 tracks together, the last one is “Hell of a Life” but I would love to do more”, confesses the artist.

When asked about his success, Milligram acknowledges that nobody owes you anything and that “good music alone will not make them listen to you.” You must be the complete package and remain constant, for this it will be necessary to do your own research and understand that overnight success does not exist. “It takes years of practice and consistency to get anywhere, and this is not for everyone”, Milligram said.