Milligram, King Wizard and Mack Lawrence in “Picture Perfect Heartbreak”

Picture perfect
Picture perfect

Milligram has brought together King Wizard and Mack Lawrence to work on “Picture Perfect Heartbreak” a single that builds on the artist’s pop punk roots. King Wizard is a renowned UK producer who has collaborated on a number of great records on the international music charts. Mack Lawrence is an audiovisual director from Columbus, Ohio, who contributed his signature graphics to the creation of the video clip.

“Picture Perfect Heartbreak” builds on Milligram’s Pop Punk roots.

“Picture Perfect Heartbreak” is a satire of television contests like “The Right Price” in which you can end up more ridiculed than lucky. The song talks about overcoming mistakes and getting it right again after a toxic relationship.

The latest Milligram single features contributions from King Wizard and Mack Lawrence.

Underdog Music co-founder Jonathon Holder, aka King Wizard, is a musical genius blessed with keyboard skills; although he is capable of playing on a dozen different instruments. He is regarded as one of the best performers in Britain, and now lends his unmistakable sound to Milligram’s latest single. To create the perfect fusion and find that unmistakable Pop Punk sound from the 1970s.

In the video, Milligram plays various roles in his latent effort with director Mack Lawrence; as the host of the show, as a contestant named “Milli” who sings, and as the presenter’s assistant (Milligram dressed as a woman). Milligram, Austin Spears and Eazy Bake provide a fun and very energetic performance to match the song and the visuals. The result reminds us of classic Blink 182 videos.