Mbarz has announced a new song titled “MVP” in the fall.


Berlin-based hip hop artist Mbarz has announced that he will throw a new song titled “MVP” in the fall. After a long time without publishing, Mbarz has decided to release this preview as proof of his musical progress. Mbarz, known as Maxim Barac, is 33 years old, and he tells that he started rap for the first time at 31 years old; when he lost his job as an accountant in an office. Far from giving up, little by little, he began to give everything for music.

Mbarz has announced a new song titled “MVP”.

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His first album, “A Daze Before the Dayz“ (2019), has 18 songs totaling 52 minutes in length and is available on music platforms such as Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube, etc. “I hope that everyone can vibrate with my song equally. I would like to thank my future listeners in advance, for every time they listen and vibrate with my music ”, Mbarz. With his songs, Mbarz intends to send a message of peace, love and good vibes from Berlin, Germany to the whole world.

His style is similar to Boombap with a neoclassical touch and his lyrics have a mixture of imagination, literary devices and his own experience. Among his most influential artists are: the Toronto rapper called Belly, and his 3 contemporaries Drake, J Cole and Kendrick Lamar. Mbarz is versatile with rhyme and is fluent in several languages.

Although he usually interprets them in English, he can also do it in German, so he did it in songs like “Gray Nikes” and “UP Next”, or drop some phrases in Spanish like in “Fresh”. On his song “Mind Grind”, you can hear the melody of The Pixies song “Where is my Mind”. Despite his short experience, Mbarz already knows the vicissitudes behind the music business. False love and real hate are not easily assimilated processes. “You need to know who you can do business with and who is outright scamming you. Be prepared to be disappointed often, but don’t let anything put you off, ”Mbarz.

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