Loco Cuz new hip hop album in 2022


Loco Cuz is preparing a new album full of hope and passion to connect with his audiences through music. Also known as Jonathan Mccaskill Jr, Loco Cuz is a musician, recording and communications expert from Chicago, Illinois, United States.

He defines himself as a friendly citizen and a truly genuine individual capable of connecting with a person’s thoughts, emotions, and feelings. The advantage of having an audio production location helped him expand into the music business as a freelance artist. He has worked with young ntg, the son of krayzie bone, on “Look at me,” one of his best songs and a special feature on his next album coming in 2022.

He decided to tell his story through music when he lost a loved relative on the streets. His first mixtape “Bipolar” (2012) has street rap nuances influenced by Bone Thugs-n-Harmony. He has gone through a musical progress that is palpable in his next mixtape “Alabama 2 Chicago” and in his first album Pain & Progress (December 2021) in which styles of Soul and Rnb are appreciated.

Thanks to his training at Full Sail University he obtained the credentials to create Ridinstrong Records and had to learn to protect his lyrics and distribute them correctly. “I learned that I can’t trust the industry, it’s complicated and unfair if you want to build your own brand and stay independent,” Loco Cuz tells us. “Know what you want and learn the music business as much as you can before investing,” Loco cuz, he wants people to respect his work and his vision.

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