La Morena is motivated to take music seriously

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Her current Single  ‘Hecha’ is out now on all platforms.

Daiana Zabala, better known as La Morena, is a Dominican singer who was born in Chicago but lives in Fort Myers, Florida. She just released her latest song “Hecha” on all her music platforms, including Youtube and Spotify. At the age of 31, La Morena has 13 published singles. She has been writing music all of her life, but She decided to follow her dreams in 2018 with her first single “Juice“.

“I did everything in my life except that so that’s what motivated me to take music serious”.

We interviewed La Morena to learn more about her with these questions

  • Your last song “Hecha” talks about body enchantment it’s a dembow. which genre are you more comfortable?

– Im very Versatile. I speak English and Spanish fluently. I can switch in a heart beat while rapping and it’s pretty much the same for me. I’m comfortable with both the Latino genere and the hip hop genere.

  • Your style is different but in certain respects it is reminiscent of Nicky Minaj’s or Cardi B strength. What artists have influenced you?

– When I look at cardi B I’m pretty much looking in the mirror. She’s a strong women who speaks her mind. I respect her for that I’ve always been that way. She’s definitely a motivation Nicky is also an amazing artist. She’s more New York style im definitely more southern but her lyrics and uniqueness are unmatched.

  • How many plays do you accumulate per month on your music platforms and what do you think the success of your music is due to?

– Honestly they are random “lol” my success is due to my hard work, consistency, and dedication. I’m blessed to have an amazing husband behind me who loves and supports my dreams. Even when o felt like giving up he wouldn’t let me I thank him a lot for that.

  • Do you have many followers on your social networks, have you received many criticisms?

– I don’t have a crazy amount of followers on my social media account but I have received a lot of criticism but if they are not talking about you then you ain’t popping.

  • At the moment we have only been able to listen to songs only featuring you. Do you have any features in mind?

– At the moment I’m focusing on my career if a feature so happens to come along the way I would do it.

  • In Your song juice you declare yourself the queen of trap, that was in 2018. two years later would you say the same?

– Yes I feel the same way about myself. Every rapper in the world should feel That way about themselves.

  • Now there are more women making rap music than before, do you think that there is more and more equality between men and women?

– I personally feel like a man and women will never be equal because women were made to be women and men Were made to be men. In the Industry I feel like women are making a strong presence in music. Our voices are definitely heard more now in age then ever before. This is the perfect time for up coming female rappers to take their career serious.

  • What message would you leave for women who want to earn a living with music?

– Right now is the time to follow your dreams because our voices never been as loud as they are today. Take advantage of this moment. You can do whatever you set your mind to do.


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