Kxng Tres’s new song: “I Wanna Make Love to You (Baby, I’m Ready)”

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Kxng Tres Announces “I Wanna Make Love to You (Baby, I’m Ready)”; the new song that will be published in January or February 2022 in which three artists who have never made themselves known before participate, “since I want to leave you as a surprise, I will NOT reveal their names.” The song will be available on Spotify, YouTube, and more music platforms. Its lyrics are deep and moving, accompanied by a rhythm that is capable of reaching the soul with beautiful melodies.

Marketing is everything. If you create a new single, EP, or album, don’t be too quick to put it out into the world. He builds for it. Generate some excitement and interest from the fans. Market it. Otherwise, you will create this amazing song that no one is going to know here or know because you were so quick to release it. Kxng Tres.

Kxng Tres.

JoaQimein Martin, better known by his stage name Kxng Tres, is a 21-year-old American musician who is slowly gaining recognition for his talent. He started making music at age 17, when he was watching “The Bobby Brown Story” on BET. Kxng Tres recounts that he heard Bobby Brown’s song “Rock Wit’cha”, at which point he decided that he really wanted to make music. Weeks later, he contacted his producer, Sir Jay (Jacob Green). With his help, he was able to cover that song: “When we finished recording, we played the track, and it was very surprising. At that moment, I knew that I wanted to make music my life ”.

From a very young age he already wanted to sing, dance and create his own music. He grew up listening to artists like Michael Jackson, The Temptations, New Edition, Ne-Yo, Usher, Big Time Rush, and many more. Martin began singing with the Clear Creek Missionary Baptist Church choir. He has even conducted songs in the chorus like “Walk Like Jesus,” “God Is On My Side,” “Searching,” and “Still Waters.”

“If you have talent, don’t just sit back. Use it, do something with it. God blessed us all with some kind of talent. Use yours while you have it because if you don’t have it, God will take it away from you ”, Kxng Tres.

When he made the decision to leave the church choir to give his talent a chance. After recording the version of “Rock Wit’cha,” he had the opportunity to cover a performance at Jackson State University a couple of years ago. “I covered Bobby Brown’s“ Rock Wit’cha, ”and when it was over, I received an incredible standing ovation. It was then that I knew that I wanted to dedicate myself completely to music, ”says Kxng Tres.

On September 14, 2020, Martin wrote his first song with the help of his girlfriend Aaliyah, he titled it “You and me”. On October 28, 2020 he released it to the world. He now he has released a new single titled “Closer”, which has already become one of his favorite songs. “I put all my heart and my soul in that song,” he tells us. Unlike my debut single “Me and You”, “Closer” has a slow, sexy and seductive vibe. In this song, Kxng Tres says the only thing he wants to do is get closer to his lover. According to the song, his lover often asks “What can I do for you?” He responds simply by saying “It is nothing important. Let me get closer to you ”.

Kxng Tres is careful with details when he is writing songs: “When I write, I can experiment with word patterns, riffs and even some clever puns. I also love paying attention to the syllables in each line of my verses. The hardest part for me is finding the right rhythm for my lyrics ”. Fortunately, I never have to search long or long to find the right rhythm for my lyrics.

YouTube is a great place to find soulful beats with angelic melodies. The talent of these YouTube producers is incredible. Absolutely, I love and appreciate the work they do.

Kxng Tres.
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