Kona Haley, known as KONA by his artist name


Kona Haley (born September 18, 1997), better known as Kona; is a rapper and producer of hip hop music, also known as Deadcollision. Kona is an artist who acts outside the script. He doesn’t usually write his lyrics, he just improvises them while recording. He has announced that he will publish new music for his followers before the end of August.

Kona remembers that his artistic vocation comes from when he was little, he used to draw all the time. When he grew up, Kona opted for online digital art under the name Deadcollision and although he had already improvised some rhymes on instrumentals by Kanye West and Lil Wayne, he did not take music seriously. Until he received his first MPC at age 16 as a birthday present, and started making beats under the stage name he was already using for digital art.

When Kona made his first song, his singing was not very good, but he received support from many people. That made him see music as something serious and with a future, so he perfected his singing and his music. Currently, Kona makes all genres of music. Although, what he likes most is R&B, pop and hiphop. Artists such as Paramore and Fall Out Boy, among others; they helped him to obtain the sound of alternative rock that can be seen in his compositions. “It’s very natural for me to do everything. I never have to force a sound because I’ve always been connected to the style of music I like to make,” Kona Haley acknowledges.

When I did my first song, my ex said “Stick to beats.” These words stayed with me and made me take music seriously. My music improved, my singing improved. She ended up apologizing later and saying that I was her favorite artist, but you know how people get when they see you level up. I am the best version of myself. It’s all love, although I can’t be close to false energy.

Kona Haley.

Kona Haley: “Kid Cudi helped me to be more open in the songs”

He considers Kanye West as the artist who has influenced him the most, because he admired his production. Kona also admits that learning from Kid Cudi helped him to be more open in songs, when it came to telling his experience. Kona has confessed that his best experience in music has been to see that his songs help people get through difficult times. “Saving people’s lives, like people who come to me saying I’ve helped improve their lives, makes me feel like I’m doing something right,” Kona Haley said.

Regarding collaborating with other artists, Kona prefers to stay solo. You don’t need to collaborate with someone you don’t know to boost your career. He has gone through bad experiences in the music industry and recognizes that it is full of fake people, this has kept him away from other artists. “I only work with people who I really think put in the effort,” Kona Haley said in an interview conducted by Gilberto Ewale Masa for Free Press Info.

Currently, I have no collaborations in mind or to come out. I’ve been doing solo music. It’s not that I don’t want to work with other artists. It just has to be organic. I don’t work with anyone, with whom I haven’t built. As if he couldn’t force something. It just has to be a good time and a genuine person who makes exciting music.

Kona Haley.

Interviewing Kona Haley.

  • What sets you apart from other musicians?

I do freestyle in all my songs. I don’t write anything. I do songs in 15 minutes and 10 songs a day. I think my work ethic is second to none. I’m focused.

  • What inspires you when it comes to creating music?

I’m inspired by a lot of things when it comes to making music. It could be a former ex or it could be an experience I had that day with my girl. I just get into the studio and record how I feel. I make songs based on my mood. If I go out with my people and we relax all day, I’ll do an exaggerated song.

  • What would you say is what making music has given you the most?

I always treat my music as therapy. When I feel bad, I make music. When I feel happy I make music. Everything I have bottled up I release every time I do a song.

  • Have you been through any bad experiences with music?

My worst experience with music was just meeting some of the artists I actually listened to and dealt with. It’s like I have it in my head, they were great, but they were boring in person.

  • What are your goals in the music industry in 10 years?

My goals for the next 10 years as where I see myself musically. See you somewhere in Hawaii. Once I help as many people as I can, I will stop making music at my best. I’m not going to be on social media at all. I don’t want to exaggerate my part. I feel that 10 years is enough to change and make a name that lasts forever. I choose to be remembered to be in the way that so many people start to forget you. I will stop when I am at the top and I am the best artist in the world.

You can follow him on instagram @konahaley.

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