Joshua K. Willis was born in Chicago, IL, United States; on 4 December 2001. Joshua Willis is an athlete, basketball player with leadership skills in point guard positions and forward. He has always dreamed of playing in the NBA with his native team; and he admires basketball players like Michael Carter Williams (guard), Derrick Rose, “because he’s also from Chicago and it gives me motivation,” Joshua says.

  • Joshua K. Willis, with a height of 6.5 inches (1.95 cm) and a weight of 230 pounds (104 kg), is performing physical tests to join the roster of a foreign team between the month of May and July.
“People would say I play like Lonzo Ball, another high point guard I admire”, confesses Joshua K. Willis.

Sports career of Joshua K. Willis.

In high school, during 6th grade, Joshua K. Willis began to see basketball as more than just a ball game. “In the eighth grade our team was very talented, which gave me the opportunity to go to a high school in my freshman year, which was North Lawndale College Prep,” Joshua says in an interview with Free Press Info.

Joshua played well during his freshman year, in the guard and forward position, but had poor scores during the following years in high school and the following year. This complicated his progress because he couldn’t play as much as he wanted. At the end of the school year, he decided to transfer to a school called Morton East High School in Cicero, Illinois, better known for soccer. At Morton East High School Joshua K. Willis and played very well in the summer leagues for which he had high expectations.


Joshua K. Willis

In my junior year I had a bit of an interest in colleges like DepaulCentral Michigan UniversityN FIU, in Millikin (D3 Basketball), and some Juco league teams; but again, his problem was the qualifications he had. So, Joshua decided to get more recognition by going to In The Gym HoopsIn The Gym Hoops is a camp dedicated to the exposure of athletes that has affiliates through the recording and dissemination of videos.

This camp was an opportunity for Joshua K. Willis, he gained the visibility he sought and was able to play on the Morton High School team. “My junior freshman year at Morton went well, but I didn’t like how it was played. I was frustrated. I thought I should play more because I tried so hard to be seen”, said Joshua K. Willis.

“Basketball helps me stay away from the street environment”, excerpt from an interview by Joshua K. Willis for Free Press Info.

Joshua left the team and could not play the last stretch of the year, he admits that his worst year of basketball is gone. His grades weren’t very good either, so he was going to move on to college without the interest of the teams from the D1 schools. “I know deep inside of myself that I couldn’t get into D1 teams because my grades weren’t good enough, so I committed to Naia basketball from East West University“, Joshua admitted.

NAIA is lower than D3 and Juco, so that first year in college didn’t go as planned for Joshua. The stress of past events clouded his attitude on the pitch with the East West University team, and the pandemic situation didn’t help either, “that year I didn’t play either”, says Joshua.

  • He felt it was time to go to D1, but he knew his grades would leave him out another year. That’s how he decided to be a professional player abroad and move forward with his dream.

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