John Troia (JTTI) will release a work with Stunna Gambino and Jay Gwuapo

John Troia

John Charles Troia, musician known as Jtti, presents his latest song entitled “Bad Energy” in which he tells the advantages that having a positive and successful mentality has given him. Jtti, has also advanced new publications on his music platforms: “I still can’t give release dates, but I have projects on the way that are very similar to Bad Energy.”

JTTI has admitted that he is a music artist, but considers himself to be an entrepreneur in general. As an artist, he is extremely versatile, and his greatest skill is melodic rap. “Recently, I’ve opened up to dabbling a bit in alternative rock,” the artist said in an interview conducted by Gilberto Ewale Masa for Free Press Info.

JTTI – I Know

His career began at a very young age, he remembers that since he was a child he was already beginning to fragment songs in his mind. At age 12, he started singing whenever he felt upset with something. After going through difficult situations, at age 15, many things changed for him and he became JTTI; thanks to the influence of artists such as J. Cole, XXXTENTACION, Nipsey Hustle, Bryson Tiller, Lil Baby, YNW Melly.

In 2021, John Troia released his first EP titled “Blast Off”. This album appeared on one of the billboards in Times Square, New York City. Thanks to this, he gained more audience and felt more driven to become more involved in his music career. JTTI will present a project with Stunna Gambino and Jay Gwuapo; and plans to tour the United States and land in states such as Florida, California and Georgia.

Interview with John Troia (JTTI).

  1. What does Jtti mean?

    The name Jtti comes from my initials JT, but the last TI stands for “Teach Intelligence” which comes from my interest/understanding of ancient knowledge/sound science/frequency, and how it affects the human mind.

  2. Of the records or mixtapes you’ve made, which one would you highlight?

    The album “Blast Off” put me in the spotlight. Personally, my favorite singles are “Bad Energy” and “Perspective”, both of which came straight out of the soul.

  3. How did you come up with your latest release “Bad Energy”? Could you tell us about your upcoming releases and release dates?

    “Bad Energy” is about how I live with a positive, successful mindset, and how I can’t have any negativity/bad energy around me. I can’t give release dates yet, but I have projects on the way that are very similar to “Bad Energy.”

  4. What would you say about the single “My Vibe”? What would you say makes it so special?

    I did that song when I really felt in my vibe, the girls always told me I have a relaxed vibe, so I made a song about that, it’s definitely my third favorite.

  5. Of the artists you’ve worked with, which one has helped you complete yourself the most as a musician?

    Definitely, my guy, Araneae, has always helped me learn more about mixing and engineering whenever I need help.

  6. What collaborations do you have in mind?

    J. Cole, Lil Baby, Lil Tjay, Bryson Tiller.


I see myself as a superstar with the big guys, I know that as long as I stay positive and work, everything will eventually manifest and develop according to the plan.

John Troia

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