Itsjackenley: “I listened to Kid Cudi, Frank Ocean, and Kendrick Lamar”


Jackendel Desorme, born in Cap-Haïtien, Haiti; on 5 September 2001. Better known as Itsjackenley, he is an independent hip hop music artist, based in Florida City, USA; has announced the release of their new music album titled “RARE”.

At age 14, Itsjackenley began a journey of self-discovery and expression through music. He began writing poems as a hobby, but soon realized his ability to manifest ideas and thoughts with a natural and innate beauty. Years later, Jackendel Desorme began writing songs to devote himself entirely to music.

Jackendel Desorme (Itsjackenley).

Itsjackenley: “The artists who have encouraged him the most when it comes to singing are Juice WRLD and 6ix9ine”

“At 14 I was starting to sing. So I asked my friend who had a studio to let me sing a song. Later, he told me to keep going, not to stop, that he can help me become a superstar”, Itsjackenley said in an interview with Free Press Info.

When I wasn’t writing, I listened to artists like Kid Cudi, Frank Ocean, Kendrick Lamar, Childish Gambino, Eminem, Gang Starr, and many others. Itsjackenley says that the artists who have encouraged him the most when it comes to singing are Juice WRLD and 6ix9ine.

Itsjackenley began to receive a lot of support on social networks, which allowed him to make new connections with artists such as Dj Marv Go Hard and @soldier.kidd, among others. Music promotion on the Internet and social media has kept him motivated to find new connections and consolidate a fan base.

Don’t get too attached, being alone really makes you realize that
everything you have is yourself. Follow the dream of youth, don’t worry about what people say wrong and do to you. The enemy doesn’t want you to be happy, be happy always.

Jackendel Desorme (Itsjackenley).

«Special thanks to my family who have always supported me. To my Mother Jeannette Estimable, and to my father Anglad Deshommes. To Edwine DESORME, Anette Amazon, Daphca Deshommes, Mislenn Deshomes, Shelcie Petit (sisters); and Wolson Deshommes, Gladimyr Deshommes, Johnny Deshommes, Sadly Deshommes (brothers)».

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