HIMINTHEFLESH: Ohio artist talks about his grandfather Charles Manson

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Jordan James Freeman, known musically as HIMINTHEFLESH, is an emerging artist from Ohio who excels as a rapper, singer, producer, manager, model, and Instagram influencer. His latest big hit “ibeenupfordaysdontpanic” was published on VEVO and has more than 40 thousand views.

HIMINTHEFLESH’s musical ability is a family heritage, «My grandmother’s brother is Charles Manson of Cincinnati Ohio, known for leading what became known as ‘The Manson Family.’ Who was also a songwriter and singer, wrote songs for The Beach Boys and had some songs stolen from him. My cousin Jason Freeman has his ashes now in Florida», Himintheflesh tells us.

Himintheflesh started his own cult and religion “himism” (Himism) that he leads in the State of Ohio. Jordan says this form of worship is based on belief in oneself and those around us. Thanks to music he has been able to connect with thousands of followers, and progress thanks to the support he has received. Jordan is heavily involved in various charity and outreach programs, under the flagship “Himintheflesh,” where he tries to reach the physically disabled and the underserved. Himintheflesh’s programs include food justice, an essential part of community justice, where it encourages local businesses to make donations to fight hunger. A volunteer network program allows people to come in and help the organization with some of its programs.

HIMINTHEFLESH music is involved in several charity and outreach programs for those most in need.

Himintheflesh is a versatile artist who mixes styles like hip-hop, R&B, and alternative rock to create something novel. Their first hit single, “I Hit a Lick on Satan,” has currently garnered over 3.5 milllion plays. This has resulted in several collaborations with renowned artists in the industry, as well as the signing of a distribution agreement with UMG. He has worked with the well-known producer TayKeith and Pierre Bourne and other diverse artists such as Antionia & BobbyNice, Chxpo, Oso Wxld etc.

He has 4 songs published on his music platforms and a wide repertoire to show, and is focused on making his mark on the industry. Himintheflesh’s goal is to position himself as the owner of his record label within five years, and to see himself at the top of the industry as an independent artist.


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