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DirtyWhite presents his latest single “Move That Weight”, in which he pays tribute to Brian “Big Country” Conwell, a veteran and professional disabled athlete. Delbert Landon McClellan, better known as DirtyWhite is an alternative Hip-Hop / R & B Soul artist from Wilmington, North Carolina.

This artist stands out for his peculiar voice, his presence on stage and his unique style. He practices varied styles ranging from R&B to lyrical boom bap and trap vibes, which are sure to challenge your perceptions and create indescribable frequencies.

He says that he has sung religious music throughout his childhood, and at age 7 he started playing the piano. “I started writing my own music around 13 or 14, entered the recording studio around 17, started taking promotion and business more seriously around 23 or so,” DirtyWhite recalls.

As an artist, he listens to all kinds of music. From blues to metal, rap and rnb … he says he has taken influences from artists like TVM Killa, Breeze Davis, Young Will, Audioslave, Scarface, Lil Wayne, Eminem, Slaughterhouse, Justin Timberlake, Michael Buble, Sam Smith, Winery Dogs, etc.

DirtyWhite latest single, “Move That Weight”.

Music has always been a big part of my life, but more like medicine than entertainment. Now I write songs for other people besides myself, I perform live, etc.


He released his first hip-hop album “Off My Mind” in 2014 and followed with a series of singles with various local and national collaborations until the release of the trap mixtape “Last Resort” in 2018. Many years of development passed. Hours and hours and hours of practice in which DirtyWhite honed his classical and acoustic skills. Although, he says that he had a mentally critical moment, it was around the creation of the project “Bravery In My Bravado”, an EP of 5 songs. “I came to some realizations about myself, my family, etc. I found myself growing tremendously in my sound during that time period in 2018, ”the artist noted.

A year later, in 2019, he released “Call Me When You Get This” his first LP, which he considers his best album. He says his best song is “Reckless In Romance,” a recent single, released in February 2021. “It’s beautiful in studio style or live and acoustic. I also love my song “The Proof (You Know My Name)” with Ki$ama… an amazing vibe. Go check it out!” He said cheerfully.

DirtyWhite: “I love live music and bars… nothing beats it.

He has acted in opening acts such as Nappy Roots, Genuwine, Dru Hill, and Juvenile of the Hot Boys. He considers himself an unconditional lover of acoustic music and hip hop. “I love live music and bars… nothing beats it. An acoustic guitar or a grand piano, and I’m in my zone… let me vibrate ha ha ha”, joked DirtyWhite. He admits that freestyles are always fun, but honestly, he prefers to play with the pen. He says that taking time with the lyrics ensures that they are more congruent and deeper.

He is currently on a project with Blackstreet’s JStylz in production, an amazing acoustic guitar project with trappy vibes. “Ugh, I love it. I can’t wait for you to hear it, “he said as he invited us to listen to his latest project, “The Proof”. DirtyWhite has collaborated with prominent artists on the underground scene, but highlights Aaron Cohen’s bars from his song “Credit”. And those of DHorton from ATL, as well as Sugar Tongue Slim, also from ATL.

Although music has always supported him, he admits that there are no new friends in this industry. “Don’t trust people, master your craft and demand respect. Art and business are sadly disconnected in an inconsolable way”, he admitted.

I am one of the people who was blessed with a purpose and did not have to seek his calling for years. I found it early on and always stuck with it because I loved it. Plus, practice makes perfect. Regardless of what you do, you must practice and dedicate yourself.


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