Dante Tabasso

Dante Pio Tabasso is an 18-year-old entrepreneur from Dania Beach, Florida. He is a finance student and CEO of SHEEZ a new LLC (Limited Liability Company) based on a website where it will be possible to make money online.

Dante is getting ready to launch SHEEZ the website and business that allows any fan of any kind of influencer/celebrity to be given the opportunity to make money with their ideal. It is it a raffle for items that can be won off the site.»I have multiple investors lined up with items that are putting up for the raffle with a few adjustments to make it appealing towards fans», Dante says. This could include a Ferrari that is wrapped in a special “theme” coordinated toward that specific celebrity. His LLC has Angel investors ready to rake in the cash. Future earnings on this business looks extremely promising. Along side SHEEZ, Dante Pio Tabasso gives stock market plays out to people who want to start investing. His club provides very detailed instructions with how indicators work. He really gets people ready for minimal loss.

Dante is developing this new project in collaboration with several influencers; and is teaching other people how to minimize risk and maximize profits in the stock market. «This new site will allow celebrity fans to connect with role models on a new level,» Dante tells us.

Dante Tabasso also wants to create a foundation to help those in need.

He has several skills, among which his recent fondness for musical elaboration stands out. He is also a champion of the National LifeGuard Competition in 2017 and was titled as one of the youngest lifeguards awarded by this institution. It is sponsored by Nautica, the sportswear brand has invited him to the international events that took place in Australia: «I didn’t attend because I was too far from home,» Dante tells us.

His determination to pursue his athletic career at the highest level and to undertake in the commercial world is clear. SHEEZ will transform the digital business concept with its new platform and interface. He has proposed the idea of SHEEZ to several investors with jewelry businesses in Miami who are willing to carry out the idea. Dante’s website will provide funding to non-profit organizations (NGOs) that support the most unfortunate such as the National Alliance to End HomelessnessThe Feeding America network and Feeding South Florida.

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