CloutBoy talks about “Out Da Mud” album songs


Corleone Tuggle (born May 10, 2005 in Memphis, Tennessee) introduces new songs from his album. He is best known as CloutBoy for his role as an independent musical artist. He has released his second mixtape “Out Da Mud” in February and is now available on music platforms such as YouTube, Spotify, Deezer.

CloutBoy became involved in music when he was 15. “I was in the house with Yo Gotti in Los Angeles and I had the studio at home, but he wasn’t using the equipment. I felt like I was wasting my money by not spending as much time as I could. I started to think that he already made millions from this. So I said when he’s not rapping, I’ll try rapping,” CloutBoy recalls.

CloutBoy was in the house with Yo Gotti in Los Angeles and had the studio at home, but he wasn’t using the equipment.

Its first release was on 14/05/2021 with “The Start” a compilation of 8 musical cuts in which it deals with themes such as loneliness, overcoming and success. In February 2022, he released his most recent mixtape “Out Da Mud” which he considers to be his best work so far. CloutBoy has continued to release new songs in the form of singles with titles such as Kyrie IrvingBANG!, among others.

I let go as I go without looking for a big hit. But if one of them turns out to be big, I would appreciate it. Still, I don’t care if the song goes or not. I make enough of them, one of them could break.

CloutBoy in an interview.

“I was piling up all those good new songs, I didn’t want to hold them back,” Says CloutBoy. It had a decent amount of songs and was ready for release. Soon after recording a few, he thought he was ready to record the video and release it. “That thought put the idea of ‘Out Da Mud’ in my head,” Coutboy says he masters any style I want to use. That’s the real secret of your success and invites your audience to find out. His music is reminiscent of hip hop and modern R&b artists such as Lil Uzi, Yo Gotti, Moneybagg Yo, 42 Dugg, Blac Youngsta.

CloutBoy prepares new songs for its next release

The main objective of this artist is to stay away from problems so that he can continue making music. He does not rule out collaborating with other artists, but thinks he is capable of conducting his solo career. His lyrics express everything he feels, CloutBoy does not say only what comes to mind. “I feel that way, it’s how I felt while creating that song!” said CloutBoy as he was asked about “Play for Keeps.”

His age hasn’t stopped him from realizing how the music business works, “Everything is fake, and people pay a lot of money to make everything look real.” But what really makes him feel comforted by his work is that his audience experiences an indescribable feeling. “I hope that’s what my music does for my people,” CloutBoy.

The best part about becoming an artist is that no one can tell you anything about what you want to do, it’s up to you. The hardest part is that no one believes in you to help you invest. But you’ll learn to count on yourself like that anyway. People’s opinion has always been hurtful. I’m not the only one who gets hurtful things, so I can’t just sit back and cry about it, I have to keep it up, stay strong about it.

CloutBoy explains when asked about his apprenticeship in the music business.