CloutBoy is back with a another new release, “Baccarat”


CloutBoy, also known as Corleone Tuggle, is an independent music artist from Memphis, Tennessee, United States. At just 17 years old, he has released the “Baccarat” video; the first track from “3 Child,” a 10-song mixtape released on February 8, 2023.

The album’s first single, “Baccarat”, has been a huge success for CloutBoy, with a host of fans and critics alike praising his passion and emotions reflected in his lyrics. CloutBoy begins each song on his mixtape by rapping his full name, “It ’s Corleone Tuggle,” which makes the emotional connection with his fans even deeper.

On March 5, CloutBoy released the music video for “Baccarat” It’s Awesome, showcasing CloutBoy’s skill as a visual artist. The combination of his unique rapping style and his visual production skills make him stand out from other young artists today.
CloutBoy Releases “Baccarat” Video as Part of His Latest Mixtape “3 Child”.

Corleone Tuggle is back with another visual from his project, “3 Child”

“3 Child” has been very well received by audiences and critics, with some of the most popular songs including “SouthVegas” ft Co3, “Show in Cali” and “Baccarat”. This album seems to be a representation of CloutBoy’s artistic evolution, suggesting that there is still a lot to look forward to from this talented young artist.

Despite his young age, CloutBoy has already achieved a lot in the music industry. He began to get involved in music when he was 15 years old and was influenced by his friend and mentor, Yo Gotti. Since then, he has released two mixtapes and several singles, demonstrating his versatility in hip-hop and modern R&B. His music is reminiscent of the likes of Lil Uzi, Moneybagg Yo and Blac Youngsta, and his unique style sets him apart on today’s music scene.

CloutBoy, in an interview, spoke about his approach to music, saying, “I just kind of let go as I go without going for a big hit. But if one of them turns out to be big, I’d appreciate it. Still, I don’t care if the song goes or not. I make enough of them, one of them might break.” This shows that CloutBoy focuses on making music that he is truly passionate about, without worrying so much about commercial success.

CloutBoy 3 Child
CloutBoy 3 Child

Despite his young age, CloutBoy has already achieved a lot in the music industry.

Additionally, CloutBoy talks about how he has learned to trust himself in the music industry and not depend on the approval of others. “The best part of becoming an artist is that no one can tell you anything about what you want to do, it’s up to you. The hardest part is that no one believes in you to help you invest. But you will learn to count on yourself that way anyway. The opinion of the people has always been hurtful. I’m not the only one who gets hurtful things said to me, so I can’t just sit and cry about it, I have to keep it up, stay strong about it,” says CloutBoy.

On instagram, @CloutBoyhuh, has caught the attention of the music industry with his unique rapping style and visual production skills making him stand out as an up-and-coming young artist.