Christopher Hoyer (Do Dirt) prepares new album with his own name

Christopher Hoyer

Christopher Hoyer (born March 30, 1987), is known professionally as Do Dirt, an emerging independent hip-hop artist. Do Dirt made their professional solo recording debut in 2018 with the single “Falling out of Love”. He has been creating a stir with the new rap sound that he has dubbed Emo Trap rap and is presenting his latest release titled “Yeah Yeah”.

I have a new album that I’ll probably release next month. I’ll have some collaborations there, not too much in the industry, although I like to keep everything organic. You could call it Christopher Hoyer as a proper name or Do Dirt. I haven’t decided yet. Because this album will be personal.

Christopher Hoyer a.k.a Do Dirt.

His stage name was given to him at age 12, in California, by his friend Down Down (rip): “I was going through the streets, always getting into trouble, so he nicknamed me Do Dirt.” At age 16, Christopher Hoyer, Now On Do Dirt, began rapping, inspired by artists such as Bone Thugs, Tupac, Kevin Gates and Lil Durk. But he didn’t take it seriously until he was recently released from prison.

Do Dirt: “I’m very raw and uncut. No one can tell me how to make my music.”

His friends encouraged him and told him that he had too much talent to waste. This is how Do Dirt began his musical career with the motivation to give voice to the streets, tell his story and that of his friends, because it is worth being heard. He says that everything he raps is related to real life, he says he is more comfortable with the music of pain (emo), as they call it, “I rap about the struggles, but in the future I would lean more towards pop rap”.


In 2019, he started working on his own albums and released “Welcome to dirt world” and “Welcome to Dirt World Deuce”. In 2022, he has released a series of singles under the title “Gangstas and Rovers“, available on music platforms such as Spotify.

In the discography of Do Dirt there are several notable songs, but “The way you walking”, was the most talked about title and the one that made the most noise because it leaned more towards the taste of the current. He has worked with many artists in the past and now, thanks to the distribution deal with Bentley Records, owned by Luca Dayz, he wants to help other emerging artists get a voice and sound of their own.

I think the best experience is doing what I love and letting people hear my story. The worst thing is the fake people in the industry. I’m just doing my own thing to get attention along the way, but I’m not chasing it.

Do Dirt.
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