CFN DANN has swept Tik Tok with “Famous Freestyle”


Danny byrd, better known as CFN DANN, presents “Famous Freestyle” a song that became very famous on TikTok thanks to the fact that it attracted a lot of attention from great celebrities. “London Jae and Sonny Digital, two super producers, asked me to join their lives to perform ‘Famous Freestyle’,” CFN DANN tells us.

He has released albums with titles such as “Came from Nothing“, “Mind Frenzy” (2020) and “Sorry for the Wait” (2019) with which he has reached thousands of views on platforms such as Youtube, Spotify, Apple Music, among others.

CFN DANN “Famous Freestyle”.

This artist was born in Spartanburg, but grew up in Union, South Carolina until the third grade. Music has always been part of his life and has always been his stress reliever. He discovered his skills in high school, when he had to recite a poem with rhythm. That day he became a hip hop artist and began to write with more dedication.

I always watched BET and admired rappers and my mother once told me “what you see, you can do it yourself”.


His first demo mixtapes, caught the attention very quickly because they talked about his lifestyle. The successes that CFN DANN has been accumulating, have allowed him to go from an austere life to being the CEO of The Teeth Goat, a beauty, cosmetics and personal care brand. Music has led him to be part of groups such as WealthBros ENT and CFN ENT, getting to perform in the Big Top Universal Soul Circus, and even make appearances on television channels and in modeling agencies.

This has made him a very influential person, that’s why he is dedicating himself to making humorous videos and interviews with other influencers on social networks such as Tik Tok or Instagram. In his youtube channel he explains how he has managed to become notorious in social networks and to live from it.

Instagram: @cfndann

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