BHAMO’s music with Kevin Gates, Milligram614, Montanaof300 and more artists


Thomas Lashawn Best or BKA, better known as BHAMO (a.k.a King Lui), was born on November 16, 1999 in Columbus, Ohio. BHAMO is the creator of BhamoGang Records where he stands out as a writer and musical performer, but also has a 5-year experience as a full-time comedian and actor; his new project “HOOD LOVE” is coming and previews will be released soon.


BHAMO started making music around the age of 19, influenced by songs like “Changed Lanes” and “Luca Brasi” 2 and 3 by Kevin Gates. “I’m very inspired by Kevin Gates, he really opened my eyes to create music! A lot of people don’t know that I met Gates and he became an older brother,” BHAMO said in an interview conducted by Gilberto Ewale Masa for Free Press Info.


Thomas Lashawn Best (BHAMO).

Throughout his career as a professional musician BHAMO has released 2 music albums entitled “HPS99”, and “99 Baby”; in which he has cooperated with artists such as Kvngshad, Mone 2much, Ekt_Edubbo, Ziggy, Tsunami and more music producers. During his 5 years as an actor, he has participated in several celebrity music videos. We can see BHAMO in short films with @Milligram614, in music videos of @Montanaof300 like “Art class” and “Favorite Teacher”, etc and also in TV commercials.

BHAMO’s songs stand out for the content of what he writes and the way he tells it, he is a storyteller with passion and depth. He says he has always felt worried, judged and misunderstood. Thus, it is how BHAMO began to be a traveling force in this world for people who felt like him, and with the mission of changing lives with his gift. He has a creative mental notebook and pen that cannot be touched, imitated or duplicated.

Interview with BHAMO.

  1. Why did you decide to explore the music industry and leave the world of film and comedy behind?

    After realizing how badly my loved ones treated me, I decided to put my music first and show the world what I have inside.
  2. In 2020 your first album “99 Baby” came out, the following year, in 2021 you created “HPS99”. Are you preparing any albums for 2022?

    I already have 3 albums, however, I have released the first two albums. But I feel like I didn’t do well enough. So, at the end of 2022 I will release something worth listening to!
  3. What was it like working with Kvngshad?

    Working with Kvngshad was difficult and challenging but fun! I learned how to do certain things from him before I made music, now I master my voice and I have my own way into things.
  4. “Demon Time” with Ziggy is a very powerful song. How did the idea come about?

    Demon time is actually one of my first raps I released. I usually make love songs, so sometimes I step out of my comfort zone. Creating this masterpiece was very different.
  5. FTT3 is the single you have published as BHAMO, can you give us a preview of your upcoming projects?

    My new project “HOOD LOVE” is coming up and previews will be released soon once it is fully finished.
  6. What is Bhamogang?

    My artist name is “Bhamo”, but BhamoGang is a family. “BhamoGang” is what I call my followers who support me and help me build.
  7. What are the pros and cons of dedicating yourself professionally to music?

    It’s best to have a team of people who succeed! or that they want to succeed, and I think that’s the best thing you could want as an artist. The downside is depression, because some days you lock yourself in and go into a dark state even when you have people who want to help you.
  8. How do you differ as an artist?

    I learned that it doesn’t matter what kind of artist you are or what you do! Everyone has a talent and everyone has someone who loves/likes that talent! there are endless opportunities in this world you just have to go out and get it.
  9. What is the message you send to people who have ever felt like you?

    my message to people is that they don’t care what others think! At first I never really understood that meaning because I always felt that other people’s thoughts mattered. when people said “that sucks” or “you suck” it hurt a lot because my main goal was to make people laugh and smile.
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