Benbanksdarealgoat, presents «Flexing», a song inspired by Blake


Manuel E. García (born June 23, 1996, in Coahuila, Mexico), is known as Benbanksdarealgoat, an artist raised in San Antonio, Texas. It features the remix of “Flexing” a song by Blake. “I felt that doing this song would make me a better artist, as no artist in San Antonio, Texas had ever done a remix of this song,” Benbanksdarealgoat explained.

Manuel E. García, from now on Benbanksdarealgoat, started rapping at the age of 17. The music of Lil Wayne, The Notorious B.I.G. and Tupac Shakur helped him find his own style, in which he brings a mixture of English and sometimes Spanish because of his roots. “I feel like they’re the best at the rap game up to this era and what made me the rapper I am today” Benbanksdarealgoat.

What inspires me the most, is the feeling of turning “nothing” into “something with rhythm”, is what motivates me to continue. Which makes me get up and write more and release more music. What sets me apart a lot from other musicians, my style is a mix of English, but I always use a little Spanish in some words, you know, I exalt my music, I always like to add sound effects, I say what happens in the world I publish, what people like to hear. I like to interact with my fans


«Flexing» is a song inspired by Blake

Benbanksdarealgoat’s goal is to become one of the best artists in Texas/and the world, so he is determined to meet other talented artists to learn from. He says he has a difficult project that could see the light of day in December, it’s called “Lost in the sauce”, he also had a song with Li1Lean, known for being a cousin of 6IX9INE that could come out next year: “I still can’t show a fragment, but I feel that song will give a lot of positive energy in Texas and around the world.”

Benbanksdarealgoat’s music is to inspire and motivate others, this has given him the opportunity to conquer many fans in a short time. “I like English/Spanish rap/hip hop better. I don’t think it will change to another genre in the future” Benbanksdarealgoat admitted in an interview conducted by Gilberto Ewale Masa for Free Press Info.

Benbanksdarealgoat has many hit songs, but he has acknowledged that the remix he made of Blake’s song “Flexing” is one of his best works:

“I wrote it in 1 hour, and it talks about some real life events. How did it happen? I woke up one day and heard on the radio an old song by Blake, the San Antonio artist. And I told myself I needed to remix that song, to this day I’m the only artist who was able to remix his song in our city.”