Average Joe: Music is the key to success

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Average Joe is an american musician who helps other musicians become successful through www.verifiedglobalmedia.com, the company he started.

He was born and raised in Flagstaff, Arizona, but he moved to Phoenix when he was 24 years old, where he started his musical career as a DJ in large nightclubs and radio. Then he started developing his own sound, and started putting it out there. He first started in Hip Hop, but then 6 months ago he turned it into more of a country hip hop vibe.

“My stage name is Average Joe to show people that anyone can start from nothing working a 9-5 job, and if you have the passion to do music you can do it!”.

He acknowledges that he´s only as big as he want to be right now. Thanks to his latest single dropped in May, and named “Middle Fingers Up” that really has attracted the mainstream attention with more than 121,387 total stream views on spotify. In April he had released another single called “When I Get Home” which has reached to 152,954 total stream views today on spotify.

Average Joe: I have the technology, and also the ability to make anyone successful

He’s just now getting on the wave and he is convinced that he has obtained the button for success. He has never put out a music video, nor has he ever done a live performance! But he is currently attracting 30,513 monthly listeners and still growing.

His lyrics speak about real life in a unique style, based on life experiences. His music is not only successful but has also helped others increase their numbers on all platforms. “I’m not just a musician I help other musicians become successful. I always put others first, In front of my own music career”, he said.

He has worked with prominent artists such as C-Bo, Yung Cat, Snoopy Badazz, Trap Baby, they are all part of West Coast Mafia Records. C-Bo is the CEO of West Coast Mafia, and has also been in the game a long time since the 1990’s. He is one of the most successful independent artist of all time! He’s also known as Tupac’s favorite rapper!

When you help others, your success comes naturally! That’s when a brand is created!

After making many mistakes, he found the secret recipe for success in the music industry without the helpof anyone else. Then he started replicating the same process that he did for himself, and started implementing it for others.

“We are changing the game, reversing the old way of thinking that it takes a record label to become successful. We make you successful then you can choose if you would like to go the label route.”

Verified Global Media is not just about hip hop or country, it can help any genre, and others in the entertainment industry. That’s been something that collectively as a group is something that is being put together. “I’m networked with a bunch of people in EDM as well from my old DJ days” Average Joe Said.

“We have been put here to to make a positive impact in the industry, shine a light on many people that get looked over everyday. Now more than ever it’s best that we look out for each other as artist since all shows have been put on hold for awhile. We need to all seize the moment, and focus on putting out music!”.

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