Ammon Runger Community Director of Roblox’s Mad City Game

Ammon Runger

Ammon Runger (born February 2, 2005) is a well-known video game creator, Youtuber and influencer specialized in the Roblox platform, behind the pseudonym Itsammon. Despite his young age, Ammon is a young entrepreneur and social media specialist. Well known for his work as Community Director for Roblox’s game “Mad City”.

Who is Ammon Runger ‘Itsammon’?

Ammon started developing games when he was 11 in 2016, but his interest grew much more in the last two years. Since then, he has worked with several creators as an editor for some of the best content on the Roblox platform. In total, Ammon has accumulated two years of experience as head of marketing at Schwifty Studios. Ammon eventually joined Schwifty Studios in a formal role as community director in November 2021, after editing content for them for 2 years.

Ammon currently runs the Mad City channel (formerly schwifty Studios) as a video editor for visual advancements of game updates and tournaments. The channel started in April 2020. He also often posts videos of the Mad City game on his own channel, where he talks about the new Mad City updates.

Ammon knows all the secrets of Mad City.

Working at schwifty studios has been great. During my time there, I created over 15 game trailers for the studio and helped them gain over 100,000 online followers on YouTube and 50,000 followers on Twitter. In short, I am essentially the director of the online community.

Ammon ‘itsammon’ Runger.

The young Ammon represents the new generation that is building the future of the entertainment world through video games and the internet. A future that seems destined to the digital metaverse in search of more realism and more emotional interactions through avatars.

For Ammon all that is very interesting, but as a video game creator, he thinks that in the end, the important thing will always be that the game is fun. “That’s all I want! If it’s so realistic that it feels like a second world, but it’s not fun, I couldn’t care less about realism. I’d rather have a block game with bad lighting that’s fun, to a game that’s realistic and boring,” Ammon Runger (itsammon).

The metaverse of Roblox and the world of video games.

Roblox’s metaverse has already been ahead of Facebook’s Meta in putting into operation the initial concept of the metaverse focused on the exchange of information and entertainment. And it has done so by betting on the education sector, which is summarized in learning by playing thanks to an initial investment of 10 million Dollars.

As a Roblox specialist, Ammon Runger has a very popular Youtube channel, with more than 75,500 subscribers, in which he talks and discusses topics related to this virtual universe. Roblox gained its popularity between 2018 and 2020, the beginning of the pandemic and the confinement resulted in 23.3 million new users. Now, roblox already has more than 37.1 million daily active users worldwide.

“People were at home and found a place to entertain and exchange experiences,” Ammon explained. He has more than 170,000 followers on his Twitter account where he publishes news about Roblox and the Mad City Game. He is also a member of Backbone Labs‘ communities and growth team.

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