H19dRichKel presents RichHoodMpire, along with Hk20dRichJay and H19dRichNard


Mekel Thomas (born September 21, 2000), better known as H19dRichKel, is a musical artist and entrepreneur from Atlanta, United States. Mekel Thomas is a C.E.O and a member of the rap/hip hop group RichHoodMpire: consisting of Jamel Thomas a.k.a Hk20dRichJay (born June 11, 2002), and Jeremiah Benton a.k.a H19dRichNard (born July 22, 2002).

The RichHoodMpire name and its components began to stand out in Atlanta’s independent music scene after the release of their initial 2018 project, “Heartless.” A year later, in 2019, the release of cemented them as one of Atlanta’s most versatile groups.

Hk20dRichJay and H19dRichNard

RichHoodMpire’s music is defined in the struggle for survival and to see the best of life in the worst situations. Success and fame do not go unnoticed by H19dRichKelHk20dRichJay and H19dRichNard. For this reason they have always sought to differentiate themselves from the rest of the musical artists of their locality. They managed to create their own characteristic sound with the incorporation of elements of retro video game sounds in their songs. To this day, RichHoodMpire has a total of 9 albums between H19drichnard and Hk20drichjay.

H19dRichKel: I see more new faces and underground rappers on Billboards.

What motivated us was music when you listen to your own music and it’s hard that it makes you want to keep trying harder, it’s like art.

Mekel Thomas a.k.a H19dRichKel.

H19dRichKel, was born in South Carolina, Orangeburg and began making music with his brother Hk20dRichJay at the ages of 15 and 16. He has always been an admirer of artists such as Slimesito, Nutso Thugn, Young Pappy, Lud Foe, 21 Savage, Hoodrich Pablo Juan (with whom he would like to make a song one day). And he claims that hip hop and rap are the only musical genres he’s interested in.

H19dRichKel – Block (Official Unreleased Snippet).

The latest projects “The Brood” and “Not Green” are now available on the most used music platforms; it’s the most powerful thing they have right now with their own original and unique flow. “Everyone should be on the lookout for some of our next projects of mine (Block), H19dRichNard also has an upcoming project called (Warzone), stay tuned,” warns H19dRichKel.

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